The Elysee Ivano Redaelli

    January 27, 2023

    The Elysee, made by Ivano Redaelli, a brand known for their signature style, creates intimate, stunning, and captivating ambiences through a variety of furniture made in Italy. The separé, released in 2013, is a versatile piece that's simple and linear.

    This free-standing multi-use space divider is as aesthetically striking as furniture can get. The Elysee Ivano Redaelli, a contemporary piece, is a standout and a must-have for any household that values aesthetics.


    More than just a dressing room addition, the Elysee Ivano Redaelli is a versatile partition perfect for many areas. Its elegance and linear simplicity are welcome in the living area, where it can serve as a small yet essential piece of furniture that's able to confer to your spaces, bringing out the extra sense of elegance and sophistication. 

    The Elysee is also welcome in the sleeping area for some privacy or even as a unique piece of furniture in a home entrance or luxury store that's bound to stand out.

    Luxury, versatility, and elegance this is what the Elysee Ivano Redaelli brings to the table alongside its obvious high-end and sophisticated appeal. It's functionality is also bound to make you feel like it's definitely what it's worth.


    Considerably, the Elysee is one of the most well-executed separé. For choices in fabric, there are several options like the Barret, the Chloe', and the Ecolino. This multi-use space divider is built on a lightweight yet durable metal structure base that's embellished with gilded details that bring out it's eccentric feel. 

    The Elysee Ivano Redaelli houses two panels - the first and slightly shorter one is covered in sleek textiles and silks, both from the luxurious Ivano Redaelli Collection, and the second panel has a side mirror attached.

    Not only that, but the Elysee also has a courtesy vanity mirror that's essential to everyday use to keep yourself in check. To top things off, it also has a small table that can either be leather, wood, or marble that integrates the partition. The Elysee is completed by a gorgeous yet simple lamp that's at the far end of the separé, 


    As a piece of furniture that prides itself on its versatility, fitting in with several interior design styles like the vintage style, the Asian/zen, or even the rustic style, the Elysee Ivano Redaelli gives provides the freedom to choose from the countless options of fabric and silk from the Redaelli Collection, and finishing of matte gold and black varnish. 

    Of course, there is also the option to choose between leather, wood, or marble for the table that integrates the ensemble.

    The separé' is 185 cm in width and 197 cm in height, while its two main panels are both 55cm in width and the table and lamp partitions are 30 cm and 45 cm wide respectively.

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