Thinking Man'S Chair by Jasper Morrison

    April 29, 2022

    Guilio Cappellini first set eyes on Jasper Morrison's Thinking Man's Chair when Zeev Aram presented it during their 23rd Anniversary Show in 1987. Impressed by the design, Cappellini visited Morrison in London soon after and agreed to manufacture it. 

    Morrison envisioned the chair to give comfort for prolonged periods of seating. It is suitable for outdoor use. The design invites contemplation and meditation as you reflect on life's most important questions.

     Features of the Thinking Man'S Chair by Jasper Morrison 

     Owning up to its eloquent name, Cappellini Thinking Man's Chair is made of lacquered metal, with a frame in a tube section and the seat and back with flat bars. Morrison chose these features because he wanted to have flatter areas for body contact and round ones for the main structure. The small discs on the ends of the arms were added so you can enjoy a drink as you ponder on life's most significant complexities. 
    Promising comfort and functionality, Jasper Morrison Chair Cappellini provides the utmost support as you try to invite and articulate your thoughts. With its form and design, Thinking Man's Chair is an inspiring piece for your outdoor space. 


     Cappellini Thinking Man's Chair is made with varnished metal. It comes in green, dark grey, terracotta, and gypsum white. Morrison went for the lacquered metal because he wanted the paint itself to be functional rather than decorative. The rust-proof paint adds to its functionality, making the chair protected from outside elements. The terracotta is available in a special limited edition with Morrison's handwriting from his prototype. 

    The dimensions are used to describe and emphasize the shapes of the chair. Morrison said that he found it a bit raw after he finished spraying, so he added the chalk dimension and sealed them with hairspray. The seat and armrest are made of flat bars – materials Morrison chose for more body contact.


     The creative and cutting-edge design of Thinking Man's Chair is suited for outdoor use. Be it in your yard, porch, near bodies of water, or anywhere that can encourage contemplation, meditation, and relaxation. The Capellini Thinking Man's Chair gives you the support you need to pursue your thoughts while seated comfortably in its structure. 

    Jasper Morrison Chair Capellini has a seat height of 13.75 inches, a width of 25 inches, a height of 27.5 inches, and a dimension of 37.75 inches. Its design, composition, and structure all come together to make the Thinking Man's Chair an eccentric designer piece that inspires your creativity. Your outdoor haven rouses you to muster your thoughts and bring them to life.

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