Britania Island Hopping Tour Package - Why it's the Best Choice

    May 14, 2018

    Travel Mindanao Britania Island Hopping

    Are you and your family or friends planning to visit Britania in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur? If yes, then get the best Britania island hopping group tour from a trusted and registered travel and tours agency. 

    There are a lot of travel and tours agencies in Butuan City. However, finding a reliable provider if you want to travel in Mindanao can be difficult. Many of those who offer tour packages aren't registered which can be an issue to some. Nonetheless, if it's recommended by one of your friends or family and that they've worked with the agency in the past, then you can also try one. 

    Luckily, while I was scouting for a group tour package on Facebook, I found Rowena Castrodes of Rowena's Travel and Tours offering a group tour. I don't know her personally and this isn't a sponsored post lol! We just decided to join the tour she offered because of its reasonable price of P650.00/pax.

    So, let's start!

    How to Go to San Agustin, Britania, Surigao del Sur?

    From Surigao City

    • Ride the bus bound for Butuan City. Alight at the Lanighan Bus Terminal and ride the bus bound for Tandag. Ask the driver to drop you at Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin. 
    • From your Socorro Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cave tour, the best option is to ride a van bound for Tandag. Alight at the Langihan Bus Terminal and ride the bus to Tandag and ask the driver to drop you at Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin. 

    From Butuan City

    If you are coming from Butuan City, go directly to Langihan Bus Terminal. Ride the bus bound for Tandag and then ask the driver to drop you at the bus stop in Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin.

    Once you arrive at Brgy. Salvacion in San Agustin, ride the habal-habal to the port. The fare costs P20.00 per person. 

    How Long is the Travel time to San Agustin, Britania, Surigao del Sur?

    The total travel time to Britania from Butuan City is 4 to 5 hours. This depends on traffic and how often the bus stops to pick and drop off passengers along the way. 

    Get Britania Island Hopping Deal Now!

    Well, not really the best, but at P650.00 you already have an all-in package, except for meals and snacks. What made me say yes to the Britania tour package was the van. Yes, I'm a sucker for convenience, and who isn't? We didn't have to transfer transportation as it was already included in the package which made the travel less stressful. 

    Accommodations in Britania

    If you are looking to stay longer and prefer to explore more of Surigao del Sur, here are some of the resorts you can choose from. You can also ask the travel agency in Britania to help you find the best accommodation.

    What to Do in Britania, Surigao del Sur?

    Britania, Surigao Del Sur travel guide was already arranged by the travel agency. There are three locations in the travel tour package which included the following:

    All of those who joined the tour were beach lovers, thank God, that's why we decided to stay an hour longer during the island hopping. The agency that we found that offers Britania island hopping was supposed to end at 11AM to give us time to travel to Bao-Bao Falls. However, we decided to extend a little bit to get (more than) enough sand, sea, and salt.

    Hagonoy Island

    Our first stop was Hagonoy Island. A long stretch of white sand and pristine waters which is ideal for swimming. In the middle of Hagonoy island are coconut trees as shade after a quick dip or two, or even three. 

    island hopping britania
    Britania Islets

    britania island hopping tour package

    affordable island hopping package britania
    Hagonoy Island

    britania san agustin surigao del sur

    island hopping travel agency package britania

    Our second stop was Britania's Naked Island which my hubby didn't take any photos of lol! We only stayed for a few minutes because our companions wanted to try the rides. Yes, there are a lot of water activities in our next stop.

    Boslon Island

    Our third stop for the island hopping was Boslon Island where all the action is. It's where food, souvenirs, and water activities are. The locals sell food like sea urchins, sea cucumber, and they also offer to cook fresh fish for lunch!
    island hopping britania surigao del sur
    Boslon Island

    The rides include the following:

    • Banana Boat (15 pax) - P100.00/pax
    • UFO Ride (10 pax) - P100.00/Pax
    • Flying Fish (6 pax) - P100.00/Pax
    • Jetski Rental - P200.00/15 mins.

    Alameda Farm

    Our second destination was the famous Alameda Farm. Being there brought me back to Sirao Garden in Cebu which made me miss Cebu, again, for the nth time this month. Aside from the flowers and the view deck, they also sell organic coffee and sugar. They also have accommodations; here are the rates:

    Have you tried any Britania Island hopping or tours with an agency? If yes, let me know your experience at the comments. 

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    1. Very cool pictures and the post is awesome

    2. Great post thanks for sharing these tour packages, the islands look beautiful, I will definitely be adding them to my list of places to visit!

      ~xo Sheree

    3. This looks like a very nice place to go on vacation. I have never walked on sand in my bare feet. I hope we can do this soon with my granddaughter, she would absolutely love the beach too.

    4. Wow this looks like a beautiful place, and it sounds like you had a great tour of the islands.

    5. These islands are gorgeous, I'd love to visit one day!

    6. I've been here and truly the place was amazing. The island hopping was fun, and probably will be back in the future.

    7. I've never been to the Philippines but these islands look as fabulous as the ones I see on CN traveler etc. It's good to know that travelling to Mindanao is not as easy and that there are reputable companies that can assist. Thanks for sharing.

    8. That would be such a fun trip! I would seriously love to go there!

    9. The island seems quite interesting. I like the way you have presented all the information in an easy-to-find way. Very helpful article

    10. I think I would really love to visit the Hagonoy Island in person! I can just imagine sailing over those crystal blue waters and having a great time!

    11. Oh how looks like you had a blast. This is definitely a place worth visiting.

    12. That sounds like so much fun! I’m a fan of convenience when I travel also, so this sounds like the perfect way to island hop.

    13. What a wonderful place to explore! I tend to favor convenience when I travel, so this sounds like the perfect way to island hop.

    14. Oh my goodness!! How beautiful are those beaches?!! The water is crystal blue and the sand looks so plush!

    15. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm curious as to what country you're writing about?

    16. I have never heard of island hopping before but it seems like a really fun thing to do. This is a really good breakdown on how to do it right.


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