How to Find Jobs in Instagram (and Get Hired!)

    July 04, 2020

    Most people think that Instagram is only used to share selfies, pictures of places, or pictures of pets. I mean, it IS a social media platform used to share images and portray stories through images and short videos. Not many people know that you can find jobs on Instagram.

    When used correctly, Instagram can be used to find your next job. It’s an excellent way to establish your brand, and it helps build your marketability. Having a well-established Instagram brand shows employers that you’re used to social media and that you’re digitally savvy.

    Sure, LinkedIn is the platform that most employers use to look for possible job applicants. However, Instagram has an untapped potential that you can use to put yourself above the rest. With over a billion people using the platform, employers are starting to look for applicants and Instagram personalities to hire for their brand!

    With all this in mind, here’s how you can get a job on Instagram and get hired in the process!

    Steps To Successfully Finding A Job And Getting Hired

    Creating An Account on Instagram

    Chances are, you already have an Instagram account. Since Instagram is such a popular image sharing platform, you probably already have a personal account. However, you should avoid using that if you want to get hired for your brand.

    Starting on a new business account as opposed to a personal account will ensure that you have a fresh new aesthetic and theme in mind to have a proper brand.

    Having an account that isn’t filled with pictures of parties, pets, and food will help give you a proper impression on the people looking for employees to hire.

    Your Personal Brand

    Find out how you want people to see you as. Your brand reflects what type of followers you attract and what kind of employers you want to attract. Some brands are more accessible to market than others, but generally speaking, the way you market your brand and portray it through images and videos will impact you getting hired on Instagram.

    If you’re a writer or a publisher, post images of book covers and literary events that you’re going to join or already have joined. If you’re someone in the food industry, you can take pictures of dishes that you specialize in. If you make the pastry, you can post beautiful images of the pastry you make, such as cupcakes or macarons.

    When you’ve found the sweet spot and established what you wanted to be presented to the public as you will have an edge against your competition.

    The Importance Of Hashtags

    Using hashtags can help you with publicity. Some people use hashtags to look up their interests, and you can capitalize on that fact by using the hashtags appropriate to your field. Hashtags are used by employers very often to find people to hire for their line of work.

    An example of this is using #remotework, #remote jobs, or #jobs. However, you also want to use hashtags that are more specific to what your brand is.

    If you’re a chef trying to make it big and look for employers, use #instafood or #chefsofinstagram. Using a combination of general hashtags and brand-specific hashtags will work a charm.

    Make sure not to use too many hashtags, though! As good as it may seem to flood the caption with hashtags, it might not be very pleasant for some people.

    Follow Companies and Stay Updated

    Following your dream company to work with and keep track of their Instagram posts and stories can help you. Even following famous people from the industry can give you an inside track of trends in the industry

    If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon a #hiring post from one of these companies and get the opportunity to sign a contract with them!

    Interact and Network With Companies and Followers

    Instagram interaction  and engagement is a weapon that not many know how to handle and properly use. Liking, commenting, and replying to people on Instagram makes people see that you’re engaged with the community. Interacting with companies and employers that you follow will also pique their interest.

    Simply following people and being followed by people is ineffective and doesn’t prompt your followers to interact with you and your posts on Instagram.

    If you’re trying to build your public image and get hired, interaction is more important than just having a couple of likes and a lot of followers on the platform.

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