Facebook Live Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness

    February 10, 2023

    If growing your brand or your business is your primary focus, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Facebook Live. The relevance of streaming and live videos has increased significantly compared to previous years. Some might even speculate that now is the best time to start using Facebook Live and other streaming services! 

    Streaming is currently at its peak, and you have to take advantage of it for as long as possible. Not convinced? Statistics show that three times more people tune in to Facebook Live videos than regular Facebook videos! The statistics don’t lie, and neither do we! 

    Here are 12 Facebook Live ideas to increase your brand awareness and further expand your reach! 

    DIY—Teaching Your Viewers New Things 

    This is a relatively easy thing to do. Your viewers are more likely to tune in if there’s an inherent value in watching your livestream. Every piece of content you provide has to be either entertaining or beneficial to the viewers!

    This becomes relatively easy to do if you’re teaching them something you’re good at or something related to your brand. An example of this is makeup brands teaching people how to apply their specific products properly through a live stream. Anything can be taught so long as it’s interesting, simple, or useful for your viewers. 

     Even bigger brands like Dunkin’ Donuts made a DIY live stream on Facebook about how to make Valentine's treats! Go out and explore what you can do to capture your audience’s attention.

    Hosting a Q&A

    Most people would assume that hosting a live Q&A would be nothing more than a hassle. I mean, that’s literally what a FAQ segment on your website is for, right? Well, hosting a Q&A helps your brand grow a lot more than you’d think. 

    This increases your audience engagement and helps you find areas of improvement and see from the eyes of the consumers. It’s also an easy way to get feedback from your audience and gives you more exposure.

    Exclusive Interviews

    This is a lot harder said than done. However, if you have the resources to do so, then it’d be an easy brand booster, especially if you interview celebrities! You don’t even have to put yourself in the spotlight since you can shine it on the celebrity instead!

    It’s a great way to cross-promote, especially if the celebrity or personality that you’re interviewing is someone who also has something to market, like a movie or a product that they're selling. It benefits both you and the celebrity, AND you get marketing a lot easier!

    Announcing New Products

    People often overlook the power of Facebook Live and how much it can influence the release of a new item. Let’s take an example from Apple. When they release a new phone or product, they start a live stream of the reveal, boosting the marketing significantly.

    Instead of spending thousands just to get a TV timeslot to advertise a new product or just post about it on your business page, by revealing it through Facebook Live, you build intrigue and suspense that people will love!

    Recurring Shows and Segments

    If you’re trying to set up for the long term, shows and segments are perfect way to develop your fan’s brand loyalty. By making a daily show about anything under the sun, you can create a great platform to interact with fans.

    Plan out a specific time and date, and make sure to be consistent!

    Behind The Scenes Live Streams!

    If your brand has a large mass of edited videos, try using Facebook Live to make your fans and audience see all the raw, unedited footage and bloopers to make them excited to see the finished product. If your fans are used to seeing edited footage, seeing behind-the-scenes and uncut videos of the process can intrigue them!

    Live Experiments

    What do you get when you mix the unpredictable nature of an experiment and Facebook Live? It's either absolute chaos or a fairly educational video. Either way that will help you garner an audience and keep people tuning in for more!

    That sense of anticipation that people get because of how unpredictable the results can be is the driving force of what makes this so good!

    Critique and Breakdowns

    If you have a certain area of expertise, now would be a good time to use it. No matter what you’re an expert at, people will be interested in hearing a breakdown of certain topics regarding your expertise! Encourage your audience to interact, give you pieces or articles to review, and then give your thoughts.

    Offering Private Content

    Having a private Facebook Group for your fans helps make your fans feel special. That level of exclusivity excites people and makes them feel more connected with the community. This also helps other people get interested in your private content.

    Answering Blog Comments

    If you struggle to put words on paper, answering those questions and comments on your blog in Facebook Live makes it a lot easier. The mind is better at thinking of things to speak rather than thinking of things to write. It also helps you get more engagement and instant feedback from the community!

    Breaking The Ice On Breaking News

    Whenever something big happens in your brand or business, announcing it ASAP on Facebook Live will get you more attention than just a public post. This is similar to when outside factors might affect your business.

    Broadcasting things such as environmental issues or future holidays will help share awareness and disseminate information a lot quicker.

    Live Tours

    This could be a tour of the office or a tour of the main HQ of your brand. Focusing on a person or a product doesn’t have to necessarily be the case when you’re doing Facebook Live. If your environment is unique or has unique items and exclusives, people will be sure to watch!

    Are you ready to boost your brand awareness by using Facebook or any other social media platform? Get in touch today!

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