2017 Thrift Challenge - Day 3 - 'Blue is the Warmest Color'

    October 03, 2017

    Getting enough rest and sleep is important. However, an eight-hour sleep is already a luxury for me. Recently, I can’t even get to nap because of priorities. So, I get too exhausted or get easily irritated to the point that I don’t understand why I’m feeling what I’m feeling. We've all been there, right?

    And when I get to the point that I get too exhausted, I run to the sea because the sea doesn’t only call me but it also calms me. Seriously, when I get physically and mentally tired, I always find time to take a quick trip to the beach. This routine never fails.

    So, after our wedding, we didn’t have time for our honeymoon because we had to get back to work the next week. Luckily, our generous friends sent us to look at a resort in Sipaway, San Carlos City, so we had a quick weekend trip.

    It was a long weekend, but we only stayed there for two days because it was a long trip back home. Nonetheless, it was worth it but I had mixed emotions because the resort had its zoo. But that's another story. Still, the long travel was worth it. I’ll make a quick guide to this hidden gem soon. For now, let’s focus on my thrift challenge lol!
    thrift one-piece swimwear
    I bought this one-piece swimwear online. It was really a good buy because the swimsuit was still in excellent condition. I had to wash it thrice before wearing it, and I wore something else beneath just make sure.

    I love wearing one-piece swimwear because it covers the right areas. I’m much more comfortable wearing it, especially on a public beach.

    A little bit of history about this swimwear is that it was first known as the maillot. The one-piece swimsuit was also one of the first swimwear design that women wore before the two-piece, and the bikini was invented.

    And again, shout out to my supportive husband for these beautiful photos. Drop by his Instagram at Stories by J. Estore and take a lot at some of his street photos, too. Don’t hesitate to message him or me if you’re looking for a photographer in Cebu City or Butuan City and, yes, this is a shameless plugging lol!
    thrift affordable maillot

    thrift challenge affordable maillot

    cheap one-piece swimsuit

    One-piece Swimwear: 100Php
    Bottom: Body Music at 259Php
    Location: Whispering Palms, San Carlos City

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    1. congrats you have been nominated for the blogger recognition award. please go here to find out how to accept: http://crazymommy89.blogspot.com/2017/10/i-have-received-my-2nd-award-this-time.html

    2. Omg I love your pictures. They are so artsy, beautiful and incredible. I don't mind the color blue but these pictures made me fell in love with it.

    3. Beautiful pictures!! I really love the one on the bridge. I love the look of nature in it.

    4. Great photos! So artsy! And those tattoos are so unique.

    5. congrats on your wedding . love the swimsuit its super cute . Your tattoos are awesome and I love the way you do your photography!!

    6. Your pictures are so beautiful. and your outfit looks so fits to you. Love the shots on the bridge.

    7. It's really nice when we can find good savings. Everything is cute. Hurrah for friends who make up for not having time to honeymoon. :)

    8. Angela Ricardo BetheaOctober 10, 2017 at 8:04 PM

      Gorgeous pictures. I really like you backless swimsuit you looks so sexy and lovely.


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