2017 Thrift Challenge - Day 4 - Palmolive Naturals Body Wash in White + Papaya

    October 04, 2017

    What to buy? What to try? Where should I make my purchase? What works for me? 

    These are just some of the questions I ask myself every time I want to try a new product. This doesn't mean that I'm picky though. As long as the product works perfectly fine and lives up to its promises, regardless of brand or price, it'll surely be on my shopping list. 

    And, thanks to Sample Room Try Before You Buy, I had the chance to try Pantene's new 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner and Palmolive's Natural Body Wash in White + Papaya. I had the chance to try these free product samples in the Philippines two years ago. Yes, this is a long overdue review post lol!

    However, I'm still using Pantene Pro V's 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner up to now. Yes, that's how loyal I am with the products I'm using, imagine how loyal I am to the people I love, right? Lol!

    So, before this post turns into hugot lines, I'd probably start reviewing the product now. 

    Palmolive Naturals Body Wash in White + Papaya

    I'm not a fan of body wash as I've been using bar soap ever since. Unfortunately, I only had limited points at that time so I didn't have a lot of choice on what free sample product to get. Also, I sweat a lot and I had some hesitations in using a body wash because it tends to feel sticky if you're sweating.
    Luckily, it didn't leave a sticky feeling after, even if I've been sweating because it was really humid that time. I also loved that it adds moisture to your skin making it softer after taking a bath. And so, after using it for more than a week, I learned to love it.
    • It leaves a film that locks in moisture which is great especially for those who have dry skin.
    • It smells really good. It has citrus-ripe-papaya smell.
    • The 200 ml lasts long. I managed to use it for almost two weeks. 
    • It promises lighter and fairer skin but I think I really didn't have fairer skin after using it for only 2 weeks. 

    Let me know what you think about the Palmolive's Natural Body Wash in White + Papaya.

    Have you tried any free product samples in the Philippines? What's your favourite? 

    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post by Sample Room or Palmolive Naturals Body Wash in  White + Papaya

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