2017 Thrift Challenge - Day 2 - Ever Bilena Pressed Power in Tan

October 02, 2017

Have you ever felt that you're already too old to start trying new makeup products and just focus on your skincare routines? If yes, then I feel you bruh. 

Unfortunately for me, I skipped experimenting on makeup and I just went crazily obsessed over trying new skin care products. I'm just really your lipstick-and-powder kind of girl and I'm not proud of it because, up until now, I still find it difficult to do my brows. Yes, kilay isn't life for me. 

So, back to the challenge. 

Some of you may expect to see thrift clothes every day for this challenge, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to see awkward photos of me every day (cue in Day 1), right? Lol! Also, I haven't bought a lot of clothes recently that's why I have to mix things up a little bit, even adding some free blogging tools here and there. *wink wink*

Yes, this is me pretending to be an expert, again. Though I haven't tried a lot of makeup and whatnot, I have a few favorites. I just want to share my experience to help other thrift-junkie like me and maybe add some drugstore finds on the list, too. 

Let's start with the basics, which I think everyone my age has stopped using: compact powder, specifically the Ever Bilena Pressed Powder. 

What is a pressed powder?

It's the sister of loose powder and their difference is pressed or compact powder is compact or in a solid. Make sure to check the labels because these powders are often in wax or silicone which could be annoying to your skin. 

Also, make sure to apply just the right amount of pressed or compact powder to avoid cake-y result. Just apply a little bit at the beginning of the day and some touch-ups in-between to avoid having oily skin. 

There are also other powders that you can use, such as the setting, finishing, and HD powder.

Ever Bilena Pressed Power

Coverage: 5/5

Sheer to medium coverage which is great for controlling oil.

Oil Control: 4/5

It doesn't have a matte finish, but I love it because it's straightforward and easy to apply.

Long Lasting: 3/5

I have an oily skin and I sweat a lot so I have to reapply it every 3-4 hours or as needed. 

Packaging: 3/5

It's in a white plastic packaging, which not a lot of users dislike. But it's fairly reasonable considering the product's affordability. 

Application: 5/5

It's very easy to apply. Though I don't use the... I use a brush because it's easier to it. 

Other details of the Ever Bilena Pressed Power:

Price: 100.00Php
Shades Available: White, Blushing ink, Natural, Honey, and Tan
SPF: None
Net Weight: 12 grams

Disclaimer: I use the Ever Bilena Pressed Power on a daily basis that's why I'm reviewing it. This is not a sponsored post.

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