Pinterest Marketing - How to Maximize Pinterest for Small Businesses

    September 04, 2020

    A lot has changed because of COVID-19. Staying connected with your consumer through social media, even Pinterest marketing, is becoming increasingly more difficult and keeping them interested is not as easy as posting an update once or twice. How people act is now different, and that includes what they’re interested in and what they’re searching for.

    Despite all that, keeping up your online presence has never been more critical. Because of the new normal, connecting with your customers online is probably the only way you’re able to connect with them at all. If you’ve only recently opened up your shelves and marketing to the online market, what do you do?

    Learn how your small business can maximize your presence on Pinterest today!

    The Use Of Pinterest Marketing Analytics

    This one is a no-brainer. With the sudden shift in lifestyle that COVID-19 has brought to us, the way people interact with the content that you put out will change. That includes the topics they’re interested in and the type of content that they like as well. You can track all of that and more by taking advantage of Pinterest analytics.

    Adjusting based on what’s currently popular and changing up your style based on what gets more engagement is crucial if you want to maximize your business’s Pinterest. Consistency is excellent but not adapting based on the engagements that you get, and the popular topics will only make your progression slower than necessary.

    Adapting Your Market Message

    Knowing what tone of voice to use when speaking to someone is important, even on the internet. Appearing to sound opportunistic and borderline insensitive in your posts during the pandemic will deter a lot of loyal and potential customers.

    During uncertain times like this, being sincere and knowing how to portray your message should be your top priority.

    Improving Your Reach

    A lot of businesses get fixated on finding new solutions to improving their reach and maximizing their marketing on any social media platform. However, what people tend to forget is the importance of going back to basics and building from there.

    Even something as seemingly minor as going back and reviewing your descriptions on the content that you put out can change a lot! So brush up on your keywords and search terms.

    Make sure that those descriptions are accurate because that can sometimes be the difference between gaining a customer and having them scroll past your posts.

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