Cosmetic Surgeries Available in the Philippines

    April 24, 2022

    Are you curious about Cosmetic Surgery but have no clue what kinds are in the Philippines? This guide will help you learn a lot about the procedures and the kinds of surgeries. 

    Cosmetic surgery is offered in areas around the country. Some are RVB Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center in Metro Manila, Aesthetic Clinic in Cebu, and Mindanao Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic in Davao. 

    We suggested those just a few places, but we're sure there are more around your area. It's also important to know that these surgeries are done by a professional so that you'd feel safe. And if you want to improve your appearance without surgery, you can also ask dermatologists what products you could use. 

    They will likely recommend dermatologically tested products, which are tested and proven safe on human skin and not on animals. With that out of the way, here are the types of Cosmetic Surgeries in the country:

    Eyelid surgery 

    It aims to make your eyelids look better. Doing so might remove excess skin to make it look less droopy. 

    Eye bag removal 

    Eye bag removal helps reduce the excess skin and fat under your eyes. It also improves appearance by removing wrinkles. 

    Dysport & Botox 

    Dysport & Botox are injected medications to reduce wrinkles. Dysport focuses on the wrinkles between eyebrows, while Botox focuses more on areas above nose level. 


    This surgical procedure aims to relocate, reshape and change the size of your ears, especially if you're bothered with where it's located or their size.


    A Face Lift is a surgical procedure that aims to make a face appear younger by reducing saggy or wrinkles of the skin. 

    Eyebrow lift 

    An eyebrow lift aims to elevate the brows and make them look younger by removing the wrinkles while improving their position.

    Hair transplant

    A hair transplant is done by a surgeon who repositions hair that you already have into parts where there aren't any. 

    Nose lift

    The nose lift surgery includes reshaping, resizing, or correction after an injury of the nose to make it look better.

    Arm lift

    The arm lift surgery aims to remove or reduce the extra fat and extra skin between the armpit and elbow.

    Thigh lift

    The goal of a thigh lift is to remove or reduce extra fat and skin on the thigh to make it smooth and appear better.

    Butt lift

    The butt lift aims to make the buttocks look better by repositioning fat to make them look fuller, defined, and rounder.

    Breast augmentation/reduction

    It's a procedure that will change the volume of the breast and its shape. Augmentation increases volume, and reduction decreases volume.

    Tattoo removal

    Cauterizing is a surgical procedure that can help remove a tattoo in a simple, easy, safe, and less risky way.

    Wart & mole removal

    This is a surgical procedure with the usage of electrocautery which can remove your warts or moles safely and easily

     If you want to improve your appearance, there are a lot of Cosmetic Surgeries in the Philippines you can visit!

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