Privè Bed by Ivano Redaelli

    May 02, 2022

    The Privè bed was designed by Ivano Redaelli, who has been in the furniture and textile business since the 1980s. It's a timeless classic with many intricate details that makes it look and feel elegant. The many elements that make up the Privè bed make it the centerpiece of any luxurious bedroom.


    The Privè bed is more than just a bed—it's a statement. The Privè Ivano Redaelli makes any bedroom look elegant and luxurious, merely by having it inside. You essentially get the best of both worlds in terms of design and luxury when you have the Privè bed. The renewed traditional design on the Privè Ivano Redaelli has received praise because of the masterful mix between modernity and tradition. 

     Make every night a night of comfort with the Privè Ivano Redaelli in your bedroom. This designer piece hits the mark in contemporary comfort and exquisite design. From the sophisticated minute details to the carefully woven textiles, you'll never sleep on the wrong side of the bed ever again with the Privè bed Ivano Redaelli. 

    Finishes of the Privè Bed by Ivano Redaelli 

     The Privè bed Ivano Redaelli is a tailor-made bed for people with exquisite taste in furniture. The upholstered headboard and frame make it incredibly comfortable, and you can choose between a high and low headboard. The high headboard has a height of 133 cm and a width of 137 cm, while the low headboard has a height of 95 cm and a width of 99 cm. 

    Coming in an array of different fabric combinations to choose from—such as Barret, Etoile, Griffin, and many more, there's guaranteed to be a hue to create a stunning and inviting bedroom. You also have the option to choose between different types of luxury leather with various hues.

    Regardless of the color you choose—the quality of the refined fabrics, luxury hides, and even soft cashmere is ensured. 


    As an elegant and stunning modern take on traditional high-end furniture, it's perfect for modern interiors with colder color palettes. With three available dimensions—the US queen (153x203), US king (193x203), and US California king (183x213), it can sit perfectly in any bedroom and is comfortable for taller people. 

    From the creative and elegant design, the intricate details, to the high-end materials used to make it—the Privè bed is a designer's piece that will make your bedroom even more luxurious. Create a more inviting modern, minimalist, or urban style bedroom with Privè Bed Ivano Redaelli. Bring the Italian interior design sophistication to your bedroom with the Privè Ivano Redaelli and other designer pieces with the help of a trusted furniture and design company. 

     Choose a team of designers who can provide luxurious designs and suggest elements for your spaces; both virtual and onsite processes are available.

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