Synapsis Table by Porro

    December 09, 2020


    The Synapsis Table is a design by Jean Marie Massaud for Porro and was first released in 2006. The table is an exquisite masterpiece because the legs are designed with overlapping lines. However, this element doesn't create a sense of heaviness. Instead, it complements the thin top, which is available in various finishes. As a standout piece, the Porro Synapsis Table has different sizes to give you the freedom and option to add more elegance to any space.


    A standout masterpiece is what we could use to describe the Porro Synapsis Table. It has an elegant design that fits any space. The Synapsis Table brings an architectural style which makes it an exquisite focal point. Seamless, breathtakingly luxurious, and cutting edge - these three are what make the table a showpiece.

    Finishes of the Synapsis Table by Porro 

    The Porro Synapsis Table has two essential elements. The legs and the table's top can be customizable to fit or complement your space's current style and components. The legs, which are often thought of as an elegantly peculiar structure made from metal, has three finish options. There are three finish options that you can choose for the Synapsis Table legs.

    You can have a white or black metal base or chromium-plated legs. The top of the table is made from a medium-density board. The board is overlaid with a wood sheet and can have a wood finish, cherry wood, oak, mongoi, and many more. For those who want to achieve a seamless but striking design of the Synapsis Table, the glossy lacquered colors, including gray, flame orange, white chalk, are also exquisite choices. 


    The luxurious Porro Synapsis Table is available in two shapes: the oval and the round table. The round top has two size options for different spaces, and this consists of the 160 diameters with 73 cm in height and the 180 diameters with 73 cm height. For elegantly larger areas, an oval table is also an exquisite option with three sizes available. The first size has a width of 260 cm, a depth of 90-12, and a height of 73 cm. The second size is varied only with the width of the tabletop 300 cm. The largest tabletop has a width of 350 cm.

    For those who have urban style interiors, art deco interiors design, or eclectic interiors, the Synapsis Table fits your style. The choice to customize the finish of the Porro Synapsis Table's top and legs is a gift to anyone who wants a contemporary piece in their home injected with an element that they've chosen. 

    Working with Designers

    Italian interior design is an amalgamation of exquisite and timeless pieces with elegant design, and that is what design brings to life. With the magnificent Porro Synapsis Table and other designer pieces, we can help you create a space that exhibits the sophisticated Italian interior design with our designers.

    Find a company that can provide luxurious designs and suggest elements for your spaces; both virtual and onsite processes are available. To complete your design process and experience, furniture designers and companies can also organize a shopping tour for luxury designers and homeowners. Here, you will discover the roots of Elettra and Arflex. Talk to the experts now who can help you bring these luxury pieces to your home wherever you are in the world as we can supply it to you worldwide.

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