Makura Bed Porro

    December 09, 2020


    Enjoy the new Makura bed's domestic warmth, which was first released in 2016 and designed by Piero Lissoni. It's welcoming and inviting design perfectly encapsulates Porro's brand of realizing a high-quality yet straightforward product. Giving attention to details, the Porro Makura Bed is an excellent combination of rationality and sensuality – making it a perfect haven for a good night's sleep. 

    Features of the Porro Makura Bed

    The Porro Makura Bed is an elegant choice because it is a marriage of sophistication and modernity. The bed design is mostly made for cuddling you to sleep, giving you the mindful rest you need after a long day. The design is elegant and classy in its simplicity, making it so inviting to go home to.

    The structure is designed with your comfort in mind. It's a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. The variable of fabrics that you can use will help you make the choice that fits your needs.


    The Makura bed is lightly suspended from the floor. The smooth curve that connects the headboard to the structure makes its design sleek and modern while maintaining its classy feature.

    Your Makura bed is complemented with removable soft pillows. The superb curve coverings come in leather, eco-leather, or fabric. The covering of the Makura Bed structure can be realized in all the fabrics from Porro's collection. It can come in leather, eco-leather, or fabric.

    There's a wide array of choices and combinations that you can choose from, so it's guaranteed that you can find hues and materials that will match your preference. It has different dimensions and, for the mattresses, various sizes are also available to fit in your space. The pillows are removable, making it easy for you to adjust to a position that best comforts you.


    The classy design and a wide range of colors make the Porro Makura bed versatile to your style preferences. You can choose from the three dimensions that the Porro Makura bed is available for. The twin bed has a width of 175 cm and length of 225 cm, the queen bed has a width of 195 cm and a length of 225, and the king bed has a width of 208 and a length of 228 cm.

    Each variation makes it a unique piece of furniture you'll surely be proud of owning. You can also choose from the different colors and materials available and to customize your Makura bed. Whatever your choice will be, the exquisite design of the Makura bed will serve as an elegant focal point in your bedroom. This sophisticated bed is a piece of urban style or contemporary interior design.

    However, it's an excellent complement for a minimalist or modern interior inclined either in black and white or neutral hues. Find a company that can provide luxurious designs and suggest elements for your spaces; both virtual and onsite processes are available. 

    To complete your design process and experience, furniture designers and companies can also organize a shopping tour for luxury designers and homeowners. Here, you will discover the roots of Elettra and Arflex. Talk to the experts now who can help you bring these luxury pieces to your home wherever you are in the world as we can supply it to you worldwide. 

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