Mathilda Chair Moroso

    December 16, 2020

    The Mathilda Moroso, an elegant yet straightforward chair by Patricia Urquiola, is an easily recognized shape from everyone’s collective memory. The Mathilda Chair Moroso, first released in 2013, is an elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture that stands out yet blends in with the room while exuding solidity and elegance.

    Features of the Mathilda Chair Moroso

    The designer piece by Urquiola isn’t just a simple chair. It’s a piece of furniture that brings back memories of a distant past, emanating comfort and sophistication. Modern in an architectural sense regarding its proportions, yet warm and familiar because of its traditional inspiration - this piece is a unique balance of contemporary and familiarity.

    The Mathilda Chair Moroso’s concept is simple yet perfect for all of its intentions. As a designer piece, it does its job entirely by being comfortable, practical, and coherent. The Mathilda Moroso chairs are stackable, ensuring convenient and efficient storage when making room.


    The Mathilda Patricia Urquiola is a well-executed and well-designed chair. The careful intuition observed in its creation, and the up-to-date seating system that’s coherent with the practical and instantly recognizable familiarity is what sets this designer piece apart from others.

    The Mathilda Moroso’s seat and upholstered back are flame-retardant, preventing any untoward incidents. The polyurethane foam that’s stress-resistant is also conveniently available in different densities on an ash frame or raffia wrapped back. The arm and leg connection is covered in either fabric or leather armbands, and the arms and legs can be finished in a range of ash or oak. The Mathilda Chair Moroso covers are not removable, and the chair is stackable up to three.


    As an everyday object but with a modern and familiar exuberance, the Mathilda Patricia Urquiola is a stunning chair that sits well with many different interior design styles. Its elegance and sophistication are welcome in Bohemian, Rustic, Mid-century, or even Eclectic interior design.

    The Mathilda Chair Moroso is available in two versions - the high stool and the low stool. The low stool is 46 cm wide, 67 cm from the ground to the seat, and 93 cm in totality. When folded, the low stool reverts to a 57 cm width and a 50 cm height. The high stool is still 46 cm wide, but 76 cm from the ground to the seat, still at 93 cm in totality.

    Italian interior design is an amalgamation of exquisite and timeless pieces with elegant design, and that is what designers brings to life. With the exquisite design of the Mathilda Patricia Urquiola and other designer pieces, Italian designers can help you create a space that exhibits the sophisticated Italian interior design with our designers.

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