Sigmund Bench Arflex

    December 16, 2020

    The Sigmund Bench, dedicated to the father of Psychoanalysis as a revelatory of imagination, is a designer piece part of the Sigmund Collection by Studio Asaï in 2018. Studio Asaï was founded back in 2014 by Antoine Simonin.

    Features of the Sigmund Bench Arflex

    The Sigmund Arflex is more than just a cutting-edge and eccentric bench. Its dedication to Sigmund Freud as a piece of furniture that promises space to contemplate and reflect in many ways makes this a notable designer piece. True to man’s search for inner honesty and an aesthetic concept of more in-depth understanding, the Sigmund Bench Arflex radiates comfort and elegance.

    Aside from the expected comfort, the Sigmund Bench Arflex design hits a sweet spot of contemporary functionality - ensuring that those who have eyes for a fine piece of art dedicated in quite a thoughtful way is bound to fall in love with it.


    This designer piece is well-executed to its inspiration. True to its search for inner honesty, the process that took place for its construction is intricate and high-end. The seat is padded with shaped polyurethane, a material known for its high resistance to tearing more than the usual rubber or plastic. The polyurethane is supported by polyester fiber and covered in a choice of fabric or leather that can come in different variations like Chevy, Gamma, Vega, and Mistrals 13 and 14.

    The Sigmund Bench Arflex is suspended on a light metal structure and lacquered in the Arflex collection colors. Its brass screws are single, and intricately selected details are bright, precious, and sophisticated. The union between different elements is what makes the Sigmund Bench a great piece.


    The Sigmund Arflex is more than just a modern and contemporary chair. Its versatility in design warrants its space in several types of interior design styles. Deservedly so, the Sigmund Bench finds itself in several styles like the shabby chic style, eclectic, and even art deco interior style.

    The Italian piece from Studio Asaï is made to order and has an overall height of 46 cm, a width of 51 cm, and a length of 150 cm. The upholstery attached at the top of the cushion is measured at 80 cm. The Sigmund Bench is a timeless and elegant piece of furniture that perfectly fits homes, appreciating its thought process.

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