Spending Holidays at Home? Here's How We Can Make It Special

    November 27, 2020

    'Tis the season but in a very different atmosphere. Everything has changed in the past few months, and that includes the way we celebrate especially this holiday.

    The current situation can be stressful, and the majority of us have been isolated for months that we're all excited for the chance to reconnect with our loved ones. However, the CDC and every government agency had posted reminders and updates on small gatherings, celebrations, and traveling.

    A lot of government agencies and non-profit are urging people not to travel for the holidays. Don't get tempted with the price drops on tickets. It can still be very risky to travel, especially if you're booking hotels and tickets for the last minute.

    So, what's the best decision for families, especially with elderly and kids? The most popular answer is to stay at home and have a small gathering with the family.

    Though every celebration is different this year, there's no reason why we can't make it as unique and magical as the previous years, and here are some things you can do.

    How to Spend Holidays at Home with the Fam

    We've all spent a long time, even months at home and that's why we'd love to travel for the holidays. But with everything that's happening, it's safe to say that the safest place right now is still our homes.

    So, here are some of the things that you can do to add a little sparkle and more fun to your holidays, check this out:

    Decorate Your Home and Go Extra

    One of the best things to do to set the mood for holidays is to decorate your home as festively as possible. Yes, you've spent a long time, even months, in your home, especially during the quarantine, but this shouldn't stop you from seeing your home in a different perspective, here's how:

    Holiday Christmas Card Tree 

    Make this Christmas as unique as possible by using your holiday cards, both old and new, in making your Christmas tree. Mix and match the colors and arrange it in a white or light-colored wall. This will also make for a fantastic photo op area!

    Blankets and Throw Pillows

    Add a pop of gold or red on your throw pillows for a holiday. If you want a focal point in your room, add a green blanket to bring more outdoor colors.

    Unique Ornaments

    If you're opting for a tree, then make your ornaments to add more personality to your main decor this holiday. You can use glass ornaments and fill them with different decors such as colorful feathers or smaller trees.

    If you have some embroidered materials, you can also use them as embroidery hoops. Lastly, let your imagination run wild and make ornaments from twigs!

    More Time, More Movie Nights

    Everyone has done this more during quarantine, but let's mix things up and be a little bit organized this holiday, shall we?

    Get your calendar and plot movie nights during the entire month of December. Then, create a theme for every night, from the movie, snacks, to your pyjamas! Don't be afraid to go extra and enjoy the night with your favorite people, food, and drinks.

    Bake and Cook with the Fam

    Of course, we didn't forget the food. The holidays wouldn't be the same without our favorites, but you can also up your menu with the following meals:
    • Instead of the usual chicken, might as well go with an orange-glazed chicken that you can prep with the family. 
    • Pair your chicken with corn salad and more flavor by adding bacon and honey to your favorite recipe.
    • Don't forget your desserts! Take a quick break with pies and serve up fruit and nut trifle with soft sponge cake which everyone will surely love.
    • If you're saving up space in your home or opting not to have a tree this holiday, then you can also bake a Christmas tree cake or cookies!

    Have Fun with Ugly Sweaters

    Bring out all the ugly sweaters from the past, and include the ones you got from the mail, and take a snap with the fam! If you're still looking for a theme for your movie night, then add an ugly sweater to your list.

    Create a Holiday Tradition 

    It's undeniable that this year is different from the previous holidays. However, it's still a great time and opportunity to make the family bond stronger and closer, even if you are miles apart.

    The best way to do this to create a new family tradition that everyone can participate and enjoy, even if you're away from your family, check out this list: 

    Learn something new

    Indeed, everyone has learned something new while we were spending more time at home. However, if you want to learn with family, then one of the best things to do is to learn a new language.

    Make it more fun by choosing holiday phrases that you should learn in different languages. This is one of the best times to learn with family!

    Schedule a virtual cook-off

    We've all done a lot of virtual activities this year, so a virtual cook-off isn't something new. Enjoy the holidays with your family near and far with a virtual cook-off.

    Of course, there won't be any winners because you will all be enjoying the food!

    Annual holiday photos 

    Enjoy your vacation at home by taking annual holiday photos with a green screen! Get one as a backdrop and use a photo editing software to change your background and, if you have time, outfits, too!

    Were you planning to spend the holidays at the beach? Are you looking forward to spending the holidays hiking? Don't worry because you can still do that with your photos!

    Design your stockings

    Maybe you've just hanged store-bought stockings in the past, and that's okay. However, this year, you can add personality to these stockings by creating an annual design of your stocking activity at home. 

    Encourage every member to get creative, and the sky's the limit when it comes to designing. Let them showcase their creativity and don't forget to take a photo of everyone's entry!

    Letters to Santa for all ages

    Because we all love Santa no matter how young or old we are, and this can also be a great annual tradition. Let the family write a letter of hope, wishes, thankfulness, or whatever are the desires of your heart.

    As what everyone is saying, this year is different and not only during the holidays but even on the regular days. The word ordinary has changed, but the most important thing is to ensure that we're able to spend more time with friends and family, even just virtually!

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