TikTok for Business - What You Need to Do to Build Your Brand

    November 19, 2020

    Tiktok has been dominating the mobile market trend after trend. Being the main pastime for many teens and adults alike, it deserves its place at the top of the app store. However, Tiktok is releasing a new platform named "Tiktok for Business," which will allow brands to express and show their creative side to their sprawling audience and consumer base.

    On release, this will include access to the top view, Tiktok ad formats, brand takeovers, and a lot more features to choose from that we'll be talking about down below. Big businesses or small, here's what you can do to build your brand on Tiktok Business!

    Utilizing Their Features

    TikTok business comes with many features that help you build your brand and manage ads more efficiently. Though some of these features are already on their main app, TikTok business compiles it neatly into one package so that you can focus on the crucial aspects and manage the data that you get!

    Brand Takeovers 

    This is one of the more notable features that come with the TikTok business. These are 3-5 second ads that play an image or a short video of what your brand wants to display. Brand takeovers are highly efficient at quickly taking a user's attention and directing it to yourself.

    Because of the nature of brand takeovers, they have to convey their thoughts quickly since, at most, you only have 5 seconds to work with. Through these short ads, promoting events, sales, discounts, or even products, in general, are a breeze!

    In-Feed Videos

    As the name implies, these ads can run for up to 60 seconds and are shown in the user's feed. Since it's longer than the brand takeover ads, you can take your time promoting your brand through these means. However, don't make the video too long, or you run the risk of your viewers getting bored!

    Hashtag Challenges 

    Hashtag challenges help brand engagement and interaction with users feel a lot more natural. These challenges allow brands to engage with the community by encouraging them to participate in a hashtag that they choose. 

    These can help brands create potential trends that can boost their brand name and reputation by a massive margin. This feature also includes Hashtag Plus, which adds a shopping feature to the overall experience.

    Branded Effects

    This experimental effect allows brands to add themselves to a video either in 2D, 3D, or in the background/foreground because of the additional AR option! If you want to take this a step further, you can incorporate this feature along with the Hashtag Challenges to further boost your engagement!

    Support Through The E-Learning Center

    Alongside the TikTok business launch, the company is also going to release an e-learning center where brands can learn all about what they can get from marketing through TikTok. Everything from ad offers, resources, product guides, and ideal creative practices will help your brand grow and launch successful campaigns.

    The e-learning center will be a useful ally and resource that you're going to utilize a lot to learn about the ins and outs even further!

    Boosting Interaction!

    TikTok Business is unique in comparison to traditional ads. Since you're going to be marketing in one of the biggest apps on the market, you're going to reach many more people. Along with the many features that you can utilize through TikTok Business, the level of interaction you're going to receive is far superior compared to marketing on other platforms.

    The highly immersive formats and the tones you're going to set through these interactions will set you apart from the brands that seem like emotionless robots!

    Be At The Forefront Of Trends

    For the past few months, many trends and movements have begun propagating and originating from TikTok. Because of the nature of TikTok and its culture revolved around making viral trends, through TikTok Business, you're going to be in the frontlines when the trends happen. This means that you can be there from the peak when it happens and gain exposure through it.

    Your brand even can start a trend either through traditional means or the hashtag, as mentioned earlier, challenges that you can invite people to participate in.

    Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? Signup for more digital marketing ideas; we're here to help!

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