6 Steps to Create Beautiful Pins for Pinterest

    November 15, 2020

    Pins are the bread and butter for businesses that want to strive for the top on Pinterest. If you go on Pinterest right now, you'll notice that the most successful pins are the ones that are high-quality, engaging, entertaining, and, most importantly—beautiful.

    Creating beautiful pins is an art that takes experience and creativity to grasp and get the hang of doing consistently fully. Capture the attention of your audience by following these six steps that will help you create beautiful and eye-catching pins today!


    Choose the Right Size

    If you think that your pins already look spectacular but aren't garnering the attention that you expected it to get, the problem is probably in the size of your pin! When you're making a pin on Pinterest, the aspect ratio that you should be aiming for is 2:3 or 1:2.8.

    2:3 pins are a perfect size if you want it to be high quality and fit on most screens without getting cut. You can have a magnificent photo or infographic, and people still wouldn't re-pin it because they can't see the entire thing at first glance.

    1:2.8 pins look the best on mobile screens that are a lot more narrow. Make your pin nice and tall as it's more visually appealing this way. However, some 1:2.8 pins end up getting cut, so make sure you keep that in mind.

    In this context, size does matter, so make sure that you're aware of that especially if you're using Pinterest for business.

    Stay Minimalistic

    Your images don't have to be an explosion of color to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, the most simple pins can garner the most attention. Minimalism is something that everyone can appreciate—it's stylish, it's pleasing, and it doesn't blind us with multiple vibrant colors!

    However, minimalism isn't just about simplicity—minimalistic images can still be elaborate and thought-provoking. Being minimal isn't equal to being boring—it means that you reduce the visual clutter on your pins to make it easier to digest and appreciate from the viewer's perspective!

    Make Your Pins Interesting!

    It's true when people say that a picture can say a thousand words. However, when that image is paired up with a riveting description that excites the viewer's imagination, it further enhances the quality of the pin.

    Creating interesting pins isn't all about capturing a beautiful image or creating an eye-catching piece of art—sometimes it means crafting a timeless and fascinating description that goes well with it. Make your narratives thoughtful and specific—avoid promotions since those are only going to last temporarily, while the pin is going to be permanent.

    Trends & Relevance

    Making use of current trends and relevant topics are going to grant you a lot of attention on Pinterest. The essence of a quality pin is how it looks, but the context matters just as much as how beautiful it is!

    Stay up to date with the news and relevant topics that are popping up on social media and capitalize on them. Being relatable is the first step to garnering a following and creating pins that look amazing and capture an audience.

    Prioritize Originality!

    Though professional quality stock images look breathtaking and are a useful resource for people who want to make inspirational text pins and backgrounds for infographics, the algorithm might set you aside in place of original pins. The algorithm wants something fresh and exciting, so you have to make sure that that's what you're giving them!

    You don't need a photo shot from a DSLR to make your images look good. Even a photo shot from a smartphone can come a long way with a few edits here and there!

    Experimenting v.s Sticking To One Style

    A lot of brands are fixated on sticking to one style whenever they make a pin. Though that may be good from a professional standpoint, it can get bland and boring for the people who follow you!

    Since most people won't be seeing your pins consecutively on their feed, experimenting with different color palettes, font styles, and even image formats can help keep your brand interesting. As long as you put your logo on each one of your posts, people will still recognize your brand.

    Experimenting helps you pinpoint what your Pinterest fanbase likes and gives you crucial data on their preferences!

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