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    June 19, 2020

    What is the Terms and Conditions Page in a Website?

    In a general sense, this page and agreement set the regulations on how the user or client may use, agree, and follow the website's services. The page can also be called Disclaimer, Terms of Use, or terms of Service page.

    Importance of a Terms and Conditions Page

    Though it may it sound simple, the disclaimer page in your website prevents the following issues:

    1. Abuses

    This page is a legally binding agreement between you and the user of your website, which means that if the user abuses or inappropriately use your site, then the user is liable and can be banned on your website.

    2. Copyright Law

    The disclaimer page allows you to add an Intellectual Property clause where you claim that original work cannot be used and are protected with local laws. The usage, transmission, and any other form of reproduction without your consent is a breach of the agreement.

    3. Limit Your Liability

    This means that a warranty disclaimer can be added to our terms and condition page. This clause notifies the user that you don't recommend or present the information on the website to be complete, accurate, and suitable for any use or as a reference.

    What are the Important Parts of a Terms and Conditions Page?

    Part 1. Introduction - Terms and Conditions

    In the introduction, you need to identify the parties to the agreement, establish or identify the role of the Terms and Conditions page, and identify the laws that the page, website, or company adheres with. Here's an example:

    The terms and conditions are set by the website, known as "Site" in the succeeding sections, is controlled by (Your Site) and is configured as an acknowledgment by you, the "User." If the User doesn't agree to these terms and conditions, then you are forbidden from using the Site.

    If you continue to use the Site, you acknowledge that you have reread, agree, and understand that the Site adheres to local laws and that the User also has the responsibility to adhere to them when using the Site. The local laws that (Your Site) subscribe to are the laws in Singapore where it operates. Therefore, the User must acknowledge that the original content in the Site is protected by the local copyright and trademark laws.

    (Your Site) and the Site also do not make any representation for materials on this Site which are prohibited or illegal to be accessed in other locations. It is the responsibility of the User accessing the Site outside of Singapore to comply with the local laws and adhere to applicable laws in their place when using the Site.

    Part 2. License to Use and IP Ownership

    Ensure that you identify how the User can use the information in your website and that the ownership of content unless otherwise stated, is to you. An example of this is seen below and you should also include your rights to terminate the agreement if the User breaches any of the indicated actions here.

    The material provided on the Site is protected by copyright and trademark law of Singapore. As such, all of the content in the Site is by (Your Site), unless it has been expressly stated that it is not an original by (Your Site). Moreover, Users must need to have expressed written consent from (Your Site) to copy, reuse, reproduce, distribute, republish, download, post, or transmit any information found on the Site.

    (Your Site) and the Site prohibits Users from altering or duplicating the materials; utilize the materials for any business reason, or any open showcase (business or non-business). (Your Site) also prohibits Users' endeavor of decompiling or figuring out any product contained in the Site. The User should not eliminate any copyright or other exclusive documentations from the materials or move them to someone else or "reflect" the materials on another server.
    Users who wish to download content from the Site for the sole purpose of personal and non-commercial use, without any modification, copyright, and property notices are retained, then the User may do so.

    Nonetheless, (Your Site) can immediately terminate the consent provided in this aspect of content usage if the User breaches any of these limitations. Once the permission has been discontinued, the User is required to delete any downloaded materials in their ownership, whether in electronic or printed design.

    (Your Site) can also terminate any User account any time, for any valid reason. The materials on this Site are furnished with "RESTRICTED RIGHTS." The government's usage, duplicates, and divulgence are dependent upon limitations as set out in the pertinent laws and guidelines. Utilization of the Site by the Government comprises affirmation of Ranked restrictive rights in them.

    Part 3. Disclaimer, Limitations, and Amendments and Errata

    This section pertains to denouncing any claims that any of the content on the website is correct, true, and that your website should not be liable if the User uses the information and the links added to the pages. Your liability is limited and that changes to the terms or any other agreement will bot be announced.

    The information and materials in the Site are provided on an "as-is" basis. This means that (Your Site) does not offer any implied or expressed warranties on the content of the Site. As such, (Your Site) do not claim and negate all other warranties, warranties without limitation, conditions provided by merchants, implied warranties, fitness or a particular purpose, and non-infringement of intellectual property or other rights violations.

    (Your Site) also do not warrant or represent any concerns of accuracy in the content, the likely result, or the reliability of the use of the materials on the Site. The same goes for materials on the websites linked to the Site.

    (Your Site) and its suppliers will not be liable for any type of damage, including negligence, loss of profit, or interruption of business when using or inability to use the materials. (Your Site) will still not be liable for any type of damages even if (Your Site) have been informed orally or in writing of the possibility of the loss or damages.

    Some jurisdictions do not permit limitations on implied warranties or limitations of liability for damages that are incidental or consequential. Therefore, these limitations may not apply to you. However, (Your Site) will not be fully liable in any liability that will exceed fifty dollars ($50) regardless of the contract, in tort, the case of action, or otherwise.

    Amendments and Errata

    The materials and information published by (Your Site) on the Site could incorporate specialized, typographical, or photographic mistakes. (Your Site) doesn't warrant that any of the materials on the Site are precise, finished, or current. Moreover, (Your Site) may make changes to the materials on the Site whenever without notice to the User. (Your Site) doesn't commit to updating or refreshing the contents of the Site.

    Part 4. Links, Changes in the Disclaimer, Governing Law, and Feedback

    These parts include any changes that you make on the website and the laws that govern the operations and that protects your website.

    (Your Site) has not looked into, assessed, or other similar actions on the sites linked to the Site. With this on hand, (Your Site) do not take any type of responsibility on the content that these sites show. It’s important to note that any of the present links on the Site are not implied or expressly endorsed by (Your Site). Utilization of any such connected site should be within the risk of the User.

    Changes in the terms of the Site

    (Your Site) may reexamine the terms in using the Site whenever (Your Site) deems it and without notice to the Users. By utilizing the Site you are consenting to be limited by the current rendition of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

    Governing Law

    Any case identifying with (Your Site) and the Site will be administered by the laws of Singapore regardless of its contention, which is in the provisions of the law.


    Any type of User-generated material, data, or thought transmitted to or posted on this Site using any and all means will be treated as public and non-proprietary content. These materials can be dispersed or utilized by Ranked or its partners for any reason at all, including creating, assembling, and showcasing items.

    Despite the prior, all by and by recognizable data provided to (Your Site) will be dealt with as per the privacy policy of (Your Site). As such, the User precluded from presenting or transmitting on or from this Site any unlawful, undermining, hostile, abusive, revolting, shameful, provocative, obscene, or profane material, or some other material that could rise or influence liability to (Your Site), either civil or criminal, under the law.

    Part 5. Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

    This is the part of the terms and conditions that discusses your liability and the limitations of these liabilities. Moreover, the User also indemnifies you, the members of your website, or any party part of your businesses or website in any type of monetary loss they experience.

    Limitation of Liability

    To the degree allowed by the law, the total liability of (Your Site) in monetary form to the User or the clients for any cited causes or actions will not be more than the total Feels that were paid by the User or Client within the 12-month Agreement before the claim has been made. None of (Your Site) will be subject under any reason for the activity, for any aberrant, special, accidental, consequential, critical, dependence, or correctional harms, including loss of benefits or business interference.

    The User and client recognize and concur that you may not be any activity or proceeding against (Your Site). This is the case whether in tort, contract, or otherwise until proceedings, suit, or actions commenced within one year of the cause of the activity’s accumulation.

    Despite anything contained in the Agreement, the User or client recognize and concur that he or she will not initiate any activity or continuing action against any of (Your Site) other than that (Your Site) and the User or client is legitimately contracting with hereunder and the assets of the User or clients for any due fee or in carrying out the obligations of (Your Site) in line with this Agreement.


    The User and client indemnify Ranked from and against any cases, including outsider cases, liabilities, and costs including sensible lawyers' charges, any breach or alleged breach of the Agreement by parties involved including the User, or Client, Members. Moreover, Users or clients indemnify Ranked in any activities or oversights, but to the degree, a case results from the gross carelessness, hardheaded wrongdoing, or extortion of Ranked.

    You will not make any settlement that requires a tangibly unfavorable act or affirmation by us or forces any endless supply of Ranked except if you have first acquired our or the essential Ranked composed assent. None of Ranked will be subject to any commitments emerging out of a settlement made without its earlier composed assent.

    Part 6. Fees and Refunds

    These are important parts of the terms and conditions page especially if people are paying for your goods or services on your website. It's essential that you indicate any fees, expenses, and other payments in this section for the client to understand why they are being charged of these fees and itemized these in the contract.

    The User or client agrees to pay the indicated fees, following the amount and decided upon billing frequency during the registration, in full before (Your Site) performs obligations within this Agreement. Once the User or client has been registered in the Site, the User or client authorizes (Your Site) to charge your designated payment method, such as credit card, for the annual registration fee and other fees based on the billing frequency, which could be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

    The payment and the fees will be in such total amount, at such times, and as set out by (Your Site) through the information provided to you and as approved through the sign-up and registration process. Your record and access to the services which are contained in the Site may be suspended in case of non-payment of the pertinent charges.

    The User or Client represents and warrants (Your Site) that the payment information provided is correct and that you are authorized to use the payment method you have chose. Moreover, you will be informed of any changes to the account, such as changes in the billing address or the expiration date of the card. The User or client can drop the subscription with (Your Site) at any time.

    Upon canceling your membership on (Your Site), you still have access to the services provided to you by (Your Site) until the end of the current month. The fees for the use of the services by (Your Site) and membership to the Site can be changed. The changes will be posted on the website five days before it will take effect. However, promotions and fee reduction will not be displayed in advance on the website.

    Users or clients are also provided a 14-day window wherein they can ask for any purchases of subscription plans they have made. However, the following conditions must be met:

    • (Your Site) has not checked the client's Site; 
    • (Your Site) has not started article creation or altered the website; or 
    • You have not utilized Ranked administrations.

    Once the 14-day window has passed, there will be no refunds for plans which are in partial subscriptions under any circumstances, including unused time and cancellations of the plan the User or client has chosen. Once the client cancels, the client will approach our administration for the length of the billing cycle.

    Part 7. Assets, Ownership, Trademarks, and Confidentiality

    Illustrating and outline the ownership and trademark of the content in your website is important to avoid any type of plagiarism, reproduction, alteration, and other similar actions from the user. Of course, you also have a responsibility to the user that if you collect any information from them, you are not to sell or share these to other parties.

    You own all elements and assets that we make during the months that you have paid (Your Site) in full. (Your Site)is also not obligated for the license and trademark issues of the materials the User or client provides. The User or Client represents that all content and materials provided to (Your Site) don't infringe on the license and intellectual property rights of other parties.

    Customers or Users consent to indemnify (Your Site), defend it, and holds it harmless including the members, agents, officers, managers, successors, and assigns (known as the Indemnified Parties) from any of the following; claims, demands, and damages, liabilities, costs including and without limitation reasonable fees for lawyers, and other fees that may arise from the following:

    • The customer or User breaches any of the terms in the Agreement;
    • The customer or User use of the services that (Your Site) and the Site provides; and
    • Infringing the intellectual properties or other property rights of third parties.

    We maintain privacy in all correspondence concerning your brand and business. (Your Site) will only be communicating with individuals who have been endorsed to us as authorized individuals to your accounts. (Your Site) will secure the User or client's information and will not share or sell information outside the organization as per the Privacy Policy.
    If you need help in developing your Terms and Conditions page and other legal materials for your business or website, drop me a message here!

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