We Got Hitched!

    November 26, 2018

    A long overdue post (well, photo dump) about our wedding day. I've set this to draft for so many months I've forgotten all about this post lol! Anyway, life happened and here we are now, almost two years in and we're still hustling. 

    So, Bagyong Auring was one of our guests at our wedding and that's why I didn't expect a lot of guests. But lo' and behold our friends and families braved the storm to celebrate with us and we were really happy they were there on our special day. 

    Just like any other weddings, a lot happened on that day. However, all I can say now is I'm very thankful for all the love and support, which we will forever treasure. So, let the photo dump commence. 

    Check out how we chose and where we got our wedding rings here

    Wedding gown: Rachel Sew
    Photographer: Bo Cañete
    Coordination & Styling: Aizy Paglinawan
    Cake: c/o Rey Soriano Llanos from Cathy's Cakery
    Dessert Station: Amor Naga
    Preparations at Red Palm Suites & Restaurant

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