5 Things Every Remote Employee Would Agree

    November 29, 2018

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    Working from home means you have one or multiple online jobs in the Philippines, unfortunately, a majority of people believe that an online job or a 'work from home' means you’re an online seller or part of a pyramiding company, which makes me sad. However, if time and the situation permits, I try to explain what I really do.

    So, before the lessons, let’s get down memory lane first.

    After college, I worked as a part-time college instructor and an on-call content writer. Everything was good, but I wanted to try my luck in Cebu City.

    A month after applying, I got in as a researcher, but I didn’t let go of my freelance writing stints. I got some writing jobs after work and on the weekends because, as what I’ve always told myself, I’ll need these experiences when I decide to work from home a year from now.

    And then BAM!

    Seven years had passed, I'm still in Cebu working for the same company. So, when we got hitched, I decided firmly to resign and commit to becoming a remote employee. A year had passed, here I am now, writing in the comforts of our home and in my pyjamas.

    I'd like to celebrate my first year by shedding some light on the lies that other remote employees and freelancers say to convince you to buy their courses lol!

    Online Job in the Philippines - What I Learned as a Remote Employee

    Remote jobs aren’t difficult to find as long as you’re looking in the right places. Well, there are a lot of other factors to consider when looking for a home based job in the Philippines, but finding the right platform is the best way to start. You can start by checking out this list.

    1. You have all the time in the world. 

    I always thought that working from home means I get to have a lot of free time because (1) I don’t have to wake up early to prepare for work and (2) I don’t have to commute to and from work. Well, everything was a lie. 

    Working from home means you have to work twice as hard to get out of bed to your home office which is more difficult than facing the daily traffic. Most of the time I procrastinate and end up binge watching shows and movies.

    At the end of the day, I cram to finish all my tasks, just like what I do when I was working in an office. 

    2. You can focus on your side projects.

    I made a two-month content calendar before resigning and, up until now, I still haven’t written any of those content. And I've deleted that calendar, too. That’s how shitty I was in the first few months.

    How Did I Manage to Resolve 1 and 2?

    It's a work in progress. There are days that I still choose to binge-watch shows than write/work. I still use a lot of excuses than work on my blog and other side projects.

    For now, I try to stick to my daily workflow and, though it’s not a perfect one, I’m glad I’m more productive today than I was in the first six months of becoming a remote employee.

    I created this routine where I clock in at 10 AM or earlier if I have a client call, take a lunch break, take a break at 3 PM for a nap, and get back at it until 7 PM. For now, it works and I get to work on my side projects on the weekends or after ~office hours~ just like before.

    Having a daily routine helps you manage your time, especially if you love using apps like Trello and Asana to manage your daily work and personal activities. That feeling accomplished feeling I get after I tick off an item on my to-do list is da bomb.

    3. You need workwear to feel the ~office~vibes.

    I love thrift shop hunting. I love clothes. I love everything lace and floral. However, I’m wearing my favorite pyjamas while writing this post and no regrets.

    I still love clothes, but I don’t buy as many clothes as before, which is a win for my bank account lol! I’ve also sold 30% of my wardrobe because, damn, it’s exhausting to see a closet full of clothes I can only use on the weekend lol!

    But, hey, I’m helping fight fast fashion!

    4. It's difficult to stay motivated.

    Another solution I found for my 1 and 2 issues is to find motivation from the simplest things. 

    I wake up early because I look forward to sharing my morning cup of coffee with hubby. I try to finish work early at night so we get to share dinner with my mom or with friends. And these simple joys motivate me to work and stick to my routine. 

    I’m pretty sure this is also partly because I’m becoming a full-blown tita, but I love it. Becoming a tita helps me find balance on what to prioritize in my life right now.

    5. You get to connect with friends.

    Comic from http://theoatmeal.com/comics/working_home

    Having an online job in the Philippines makes you feel a little bit isolated. I tried working in a coffee shop and it wasn’t effective, it was only expensive! All the noise and the people distract me from working.

    What I do is I talk to my co-workers and we check up on each other any time of day so we don't get lonely lol! I’m also never alone at home so when I feel the need to talk, fam got my back and help me keep my sanity!

    With all that said, I’m very happy that I chose the thug life of working from home. It comes with a lot of perks and a lot of downsides, too, but what type of work doesn’t, right?

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