7 Reasons to Love Your Body

May 03, 2017

importance of positive body image of women

It's not a secret that I have been skinny ever since. And yes, I've also been very insecure in the past because I cannot gain my desired weight; hence, I can't achieve my desired body.

However, this was before I focus on a positive body image. I realized that everything boils down to being physical, emotionally, and mentally healthy. And that whatever size, shape, form, the color we are, we will always be that one spark in the universe.

What am I insecure of? 

Two of my major insecurities are my slightly(?) large forehead and my non-existing boobs, which are evident in the photo above. So, why was I so insecure of these?

For starters, bullying. Yes, I've been bullied by classmates, friends, and even relatives because of my forehead and boobs, or the lack of it.

As I look back, I really can say that it played a large role on how I saw myself. I totally regret that I believed every word they said which resulted in a long and hard way to love my body. Well, I was young and naive.

So, what changed my mind to love myself instead of listening to other people's opinion about me? Here's a short list.

1. I stopped bullying myself

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Seriously, do not bully and stand up if you're being bullied. Remember that words can make or break people. So, please make and uplift people, especially women. Yes, women empowering women is one of the most important things that world needs now. 

2. This is my body

No matter what they say about me, I have the power over my body and mind. So, I taught myself to shut negative vibes and just live. So, don't let anyone tell you what to do. Remember, your body, your rules.

But of course, you also have to take good care of your body. Get tested, show to your annual checkup, and visit your dentist regularly. This may seem so basic, but some of us often forget that we need these stuff, too and that it's important.

3. A "perfect body" is one of the oldest myth

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Wake up dear, there's no such thing as a perfect body. So, don't force yourself into a body that's really not you. As Meryl Streep puts it, 'don't worry so much about your weight' because your strength comes from the things that make you different.

4. Standards are boring

Be who you truly are and I learned this the hard way. I have always been eccentric; I love floral prints and jeans-and-shirt combo. But the time came that I blended with the crowd. I followed fashion trends and almost broke the bank just to get the newest something that everyone wore.

Many of us would feel a positive body image every time we buy or wear new clothes. For me, it was a fleeting moment. I realized it wouldn't and can't make me happy or change the way I see myself. That should start from within and, as Elsa would put it, I just let it go and started to pay more attention to how I see myself and not on what I see myself wearing.

5. Your body is awesome

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Your body's awesomeness level is infinite because the sky's the limit, too. You can dance, sing, eat and digest, climb, swim, and everything in between. So love your body or, specifically, love every part of your body.

Start small. Appreciate every basic function of every part. Be thankful for it.

6. Photoshop isn't real

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I'm a bit guilty of this because my photo above's filtered :(

But photoshopping curves and lines is, I think, something else. Let's admit it, there've been a lot of photo scandals in Hollywood because of too many changes in photos.

Remember, even stars are against photo alterations in their images.

7. It's healthier

In the past, I've always wanted to go to the gym to get the bun. And I've always failed big time. Now, I started the year by exercising at home. My ultimate goal is to strengthen my core to correct my posture. 

And this change in goals helped me appreciate my body more. It helped me have a positive body image because my goals are more realistic.

Remember, darling, you are a strong and powerful force in the universe. Be kind and love yourself.

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