Thrift Finds - Rainbow is the Color of My Energy

May 20, 2017

I'd like to introduce you to one of my colorful thrift finds before the rain officially starts to pour down on us. Cheap swimwear sold in the Philippines is difficult to find. I say this even with the advent of technology. Buying a swimwear online in the Philippines is a totally hit-and-miss. 

Fortunately, trusted thrift stores here in Cebu has a lot of cute swimwears, just like the one I'm wearing. Shoutout to the swimwear stall at USJR ukay-ukay every weekend! 


I got this for less than P50.00 and it's still with tags. The downside is it doesn't have any pads or slots for pads. So, I did a little handy work on my bralette swimwear (is this what it's called? hahaha!) and sew in pads. 

By the way, my bottom is from Sassa swimwear. It's my favorite local brand because of their reasonable price. Also, my favorite tank top swimwear or one-shoulder tankini is also from Sassa. They've just released new designs which are also adorbs. 

And this isn't a sponsored post by the brand, how I wish lol! I just want to help you find great ladies swimwear worth the price. I'm not sure if they have plus size swimwear for women though. 


Going back to my thrift find, isn't it cute? You really won't believe it but I'm a sucker for lace, colors, and florals. Though I'm loving some black lately, well, just two black shirts actually. But, still, I wouldn't trade my florals for a black shirt, not even a little black dress. 


Also, I'm not sure about support because, well, there really aren't anything there to support hahaha! But seriously, the design's great for exercising and swimming, even for those gifted ones. 

I love the back x detail because it makes it easier to wear. And the downside is it doesn't have any closure, that's why I really think this is designed for kids haha! 


And yes, we're back at our favorite spot. We really love this beach in Dalaguete, a few meter from Obong Cold Spring. It has the right shade for long afternoon naps and snaps. And there are very few people in the area. 

Now that you've seen my favorite swimwear thrift find, I'd like to hear if you have one, too. Share in the comment section? Yes? Yes!

Colorful top: Thrifted P50.00
Bottom: Sassa swimwear (pair) at P399.00 

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