It’s Possible to Buy Online Engagement Ring - Check Out How!

    June 04, 2019

    Deciding when to get married or who to marry takes a lot of time, especially if you add the time on how or where to buy your engagement ring online. You have to find the jewelry shop to buy from or whether it’s a silver or gold ring.

    However, as you try to answer these questions, always remember that nothing’s perfect and there's no ideal engagement ring. One thing you can make sure is to get the best ring that you believe that your partner will love and will be happy to wear.

    As a personal experience, my husband bought me an engagement ring after a year of getting married. Well, come to think of it, it wasn’t an engagement ring, it could have been an anniversary gift. Still, it was thoughtful of him, and I loved it.

    So, for those who want to find unique diamond engagement rings, I have some tips. Don’t start hitting the search button on your computer, yet, check these tips out:

    Online Engagement Rings: Is it Expensive?

    The first thing that everyone should think and consider when buying an engagement ring and a wedding ring is a budget. Let’s ask ourselves these questions first:

    Should I save for it?

    Of course, you should save not only for the engagement ring but also for your wedding and marriage. Remember, it’s not the only expense you’ll be paying for once your partner says yes.

    Should the engagement ring be worth three months of my salary?

    Our answer is both yes and no. It can be worth your three months salary if that’s what you’ve been saving for. And it could also be cheaper if it doesn't fit your budget. So, make sure to find the ring that you can afford to pay, and that’s the next tip.

    Do I need to pay in cash or credit?

    I recommend paying for the engagement ring in cash. Remember, you have to save for it so all those savings should go to the budget for the ring. I am also not saying you can’t get engaged if you haven’t saved for the ring, yet. Nonetheless, it’ll be convenient for you to pay for it in cash and not have any recurring expenses as you plan and pay for your wedding suppliers.

    Does the price say a lot about me?

    I would say that this is an answer that you and your partner can answer. However, for me, the price tag of my wedding ring doesn’t matter. Whether you find diamond engagement rings priced at $500 or $1,000, all you have to do is answer the previous questions, and you’ll know what ring to get. Also, I am a sucker for the romantics; that’s why I believe it’s always the gesture that counts.

    Best Design of Online Engagement Rings

    There are various designs you can choose from; however, here are our top 2 favorites.

    Cluster blue diamond engagement ring

    I love unconventional thins and even in engagement rings. A cluster blue diamond ring is something unique, and I think that every modern bride would like to wear it.

    Get a cushion cut diamond engagement rings

    If your partner loves the classic, I think one of the best classic choices is the cushion cut diamond ring. It’s an excellent choice for the traditional bride-to-be, and you can add a little edge by customizing the band. Don’t be afraid to give it a little personality.

    The Proposal and Online Engagement Rings

    Of course, you have to plan for the proposal, too. You can make a themed proposal based on the engagement ring you’ve chosen.

    Let’s say you chose a nontraditional engagement ring; you can make a thematic proposal. For example, propose while scuba diving or after conquering a new mountain together, that’s if both of you love adventurous and outdoor activities.

    If you’re getting a classic tapered diamond engagement ring in gold or white gold, something traditional, then set up a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.

    All in all, don’t forget that the most crucial part is that you propose to your partner in the most natural and loving form, that’s regardless of where you are or what ring you’ve bought.

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