Arflex Sofa Strips by Cini Boeri

    January 12, 2022

    Bring a masterpiece to your home with this Arflex Sofa Strips by Cini Boeri. These sofa strips revolutionized the furniture industry in the 1960s with their highly versatile design, making them a timeless classic. 

    The iconic Cini Boeri Strips are available as a fixed or modular sofa. An integral part of its design is its fully removable quilted cover. This remarkable piece of luxury has gained recognition worldwide and is displayed in renowned museums such as the Triennale in Milan and MoMA in New York. 

    The Strips Arflex is highly customizable, so you can have one that suits your space and needs. 


    The beauty of the Arflex Sofa Strips is the design itself. Since it is modular, you can tailor fit its design based on your space requirements and your comfort preferences. 

    These Cini Boeri Strips are available as sofas, beds, and sofa beds. With Strips Arflex, the possibilities are endless. These limitless configurations allow you to translate your desires into a stunning piece of art. It also takes pride in its fully removable quilted cover. 

    The padding is an integral part of its structure. The wooden frame is made of shaped polyurethane with different densities depending on your design. All these materials are chosen to give you the brand of luxury you deserve. 

    About the Product 

    Finishing The greatest thing about Arflex Sofa Strips is the endless configurations it offers to suit any space and preference – from design to fabric. The infinite options offered by Strips Arflex is what makes it world-renowned furniture decades after it was put up on the market. There are so many options available when it comes to the design; you’ll need to contact us so we can discuss the options. Cini Boeri Strips allows you to explore your own layout based on your space requirements. You can also choose from Arflex’s wide range of fabrics to give life to your envisioned piece of luxury furniture. 

    About Product Compositions

     Arflex Sofa Strips are a timeless piece of furniture. This sofa can take on many shapes and configurations in order to fit perfectly in your living room without sacrificing the comfort it gives. The unlimited configurations and superior versatility allow it to blend in and stand out in any space. 

    Strips Arflex can be customized to your own liking – be it a sofa, bed, or a combination of both. You can choose how you design your furniture, how to connect it, or its placement as a totality. Strips Arflex is a work of art you can proudly call your own. 

    Start your design journey with our Italian interior design services, which are available online, or you can also visit us for a more personal consultation. Choose a brand that’s about matchless and timeless furniture pieces, especially Italian classic seating composition. 

     Choose a furniture designer that helps homeowners and designers by providing the best furniture selection and supply from the top designers - all for the love of exquisite and elegant furniture for all spaces. 

     The Cini Boeri Strips by Arflex is one of our most versatile pieces helping you to create a cozy and inviting space, and, with us, your furniture shopping tour will always be the highlight of your day.

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