I Won Something from Zalora + Zalora Promo Code!

July 17, 2017

And, yes, I couldn't resist joining an Instagram giveaway sponsored by Pond's and Zalora because of the prize- not! Seriously, with all the giveaways spamming Instagram, who wouldn't want to take a chance, there's no harm in trying, right?

Also, this is my first time to win after joining hundreds of giveaways in different forms and platforms; hence, the post ;)

The steps were simple, all you have to do to join was to follow the sponsors and "comment your definition of beauty." And, as someone who have recently loved and accepted her flaws, I thought I have a chance to win. Here's my answer:

Beauty is being true to who your are & who you want to be. It's being confident in your own skin and encouraging others to do so, too. Beauty isn't just loving yourself as it also means you really behind others to love and respect themselves, too. It's a collective force that can be more appreciated when seen in everyone, regardless of differences. 

Pang Miss U bah? Lol! 

Seriously, I still fall on the encouraging part, but I always remind myself not to. I try my hardest to appreciate and respect everyone around me. And if needed, I remind people of their beauty. 

Take a closer look of what they sent me. I'll be making a review of the items soon.

For those who came here for the promo code, here it is: 

zalora coupon code 2017

Disclaimer: By using the promo code, I get a small commission from Zalora. 

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