Ripped Jeans, Hopeful Dreams

June 24, 2017

how to style tattered jeans for women
I think everyone would agree that ripped jeans are the go-to badass jeans for both men and women. Now, ripped high waisted jeans is another story, but I wouldn't miss on one. 

But there's a catch; I'm not into high waisted skinny jeans with rips on the knees. Don't get me wrong, it's a great alternative to what I'm wearing here. However, what I love about loose tattered jeans is that it give more freedom for movement. 

What's it called?

According to Apparel Search, ripped jeans are also called distressed jeans. And just like most of the fashion statements that never dies, ripped jeans also have a history. 

These were first worn by men in 1970s. And now, wearing tattered jeans is a conscious choice. Oh, how times have changed. 

In the fashion world, its origins aren't really known. But it became popular during the 1980s to 2000s during the rise of the grunge and punk era. During the early 2010s, the jeans were revived and renamed to worn out jeans. 

How to style ripped jeans?

And yes, I'm not an authority in answering this question. But for someone who loves to thrift clothes, I always get the change to envision how I style what I buy during my hunts. 

There are a lot of ways to style your ripped jeans. In this post, I played around with another item I bought from a thrift store; a bralette. Decided to do this because of (1) beach and (2) heat. 

Also, see my bralette glittering? Well, these details made me say yes to buying it even though I'm unsure of where and when I'm going to wear it, just like my favorite boho dress. But here I am, basking under the sun, sand on my toes, and glitters on my top.

how to style boyfriend's tattered jeans for women

Another thing that I always do is pair it with black or white shirt. For a lazier look, try using your favorite worn out sneakers, or you can also use your favorite neon flats to add color to your look. 

I also see a lot of women of women prefer skinny ripped jeans design instead of the baggy ones. If you have one of this, then you can pair it with heels or wedge. Selena Gomez pulled this look so good I almost didn't want to wear baggy ripped jeans ever, well, just almost. And I wouldn't put her photo here, too, kay papha jud ko hahaha!

Where to buy ripped jeans?

  • Thrift stores
My first stop is to look at the nearest thrift shop. Or buy thrift pants and make your own. Though I bought mine at one of the thrift stores back home. They're really cheap and though some needs minor alterations, it still wouldn't hurt your pocket. Bought mine for P50.00!
  • Online 
You can also check online stores for some on-point ripped jeans for petite women. Get yours from Zalora and get 15% off by using ZBAPFIR3 now!
There are a lot of online stores and even Instagram and Facebook stores that sell high quality tattered jeans that you can check out.
  • In-store
You can also check out your favorite brands and it's even better if they're on sale!

How to wash dem tattered jeans?

 Normally, we'd just toss our jeans and other clothes in the machine. However, I don't always machine wash my jeans, especially my favorite tattered jeans. I usually wash it by hand. 

 I know ruining or ripping it a little bit more makes it more appealing, but not for me. So, it depends on how you’re comfortable with washing your clothes.

So, care to share where'd you get your favorite ripped jeans?

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