5 Reasons Why Sony Alpha α5000 Is Everyone's Camera

    March 27, 2017

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    The Sony Alpha a5000 E-mount Camera with APS-C Sensor is not just another camera, it's the camera for everyone. Regardless if your a hobbyist or a professional in your field, this is one of the cameras you need, or probably you'll ever need.

    Capture everything with its 20.1 megapixel APS-C sensor that uses Exmor APS HD CMOS technology. The technology allows the camera to capture high resolution images with DSLR quality.

    For the Traveler

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    Seeing other places is a great way to learn about other culture and even learn more about ourselves. However, taking photos of these places is also a great way to share and relieve memories and lessons. That's why the Sony Alpha α5000 Mirrorless Camera is the best camera when traveling because it's handy.

    It has a collapsible kit lens which is a 16-50 mm power zoom (SELP165). It also feels weightless with only 269 grams with body and battery; 210 grams body only. The compact camera's great for hiking, lounging at the beach, strolling, and the likes.

    Capture your destination with the camera's sweep panorama feature. Enjoy every detail of the landscape in a wide-scree TV. You can also capture great night shots with minimal blur and noise with its Scene Selection mode.

    For the Blogger

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    Regardless of the platform you use in blogging, may it be Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and other social media sites, Wi-Fi is important. However, a device which isn't Wi-Fi ready is another story. A camera that isn't Wi-Fi ready, well, that's really a bummer.

    So, Sony ensured that the Alpha a5000 doesn't only take great shots, but you can also share it to your followers immediately. You can view your photos on your smartphone and upload it to your PC. It's one touch remote and sharing feature allows the user to control the camera through her smartphone.

    Who said that convenience and quality are two different things? Well, they clearly haven't set their hands on this camera.

    For the Hobbyist

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    Are you a hobbyist or want to learn photography? Then this is the best camera for you. Capture the best photos in any type of lighting and expect high quality. It's a simple point and shoot camera in its Superior Auto mode. It also has an MF assist feature that helps the user improve her accuracy during manual focusing.

    There are also Photo Creativity modes that you can use to achieve an array of photographic expressions. You can also play around with your subject by using the Picture effect mode which can easily be viewed on your LCD Screen.

    For the Vlogger

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    We can all agree that a great camera doesn't only take great photos, but it also captures great videos, too, right? This camera is also great for the vloggers as it can record Full HD videos between 60i or 24p frames every second. You can even choose between a Blu-Ray quality of an MP4 format. Another great video feature is it works well with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

    For Great Selfies

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    And yes, who would forget to include this in their camera, right? Take the best selfies or self-portraits easy with the Sony Alpha a5000. It's LCD screen can tilted and flipped up to 180 degrees which makes shooting selfies easy. You wouldn't worry traveling alone or asking other people to take photos of you. Also, you can travel even lighter by leaving your tripod behind.

    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post is an entry for a giveaway sponsored by Sony and Yugatech.

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