Bohemian Fever

    February 02, 2017

    I have always been a fan of dresses with bohemian style/fashion. I love the vibrant colors and the laid-back feel it projects.

    There aren't a lot of affordable boho clothes online and in-stores. Luckily, I found a cheap bohemian dress in one of the thrift stores. I forgot its price, but I'm sure it's less than P50.00.

    A little bit of history from my friends and Wikipedia. Bohemian style is defined as the form followed by people who are unconventional and usually artistic. However, when looking at its origins, Bohemians are travelers from Central Europe.

    The definition has changed for the 21st century. The boho-chic movement emerged, which is significantly influenced by bohemian and hippie fashion. Hippy (or hippies), which came from the term hipster, are the members of a youth movement which first began in the 1960s in the US and UK.

    Enough with the history, let's go back to the hippie chic clothing, shall we?

    As I said, I love bohemian style. The laid-back feels that's a high contrast on the vibrant color and accessories is a refreshing style. Don't get me wrong, I'm a jeans-and-shirt kind of girl, but I wouldn't pass a chance to buy a cheap bohemian dress any day.

    I wore this in one of our trips last year, together with the lace dress I wore as a cover up. The photo was taken at the beach in Obong Sping, Dalaguete Cebu.

    I love how the colors of the dress seem to belong in this part of the shore. And yes, this is just a few meters away from the shore. It's a great spot to take photos because there aren't many beach bums in the area, so you can have the place to yourselves.

    What do you think of my attempt as a beach bum hippy?

    Dress: Thrifted at P50.00
    Sunglasses: P100.00

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