Delicious Ways to Use Cumin

February 14, 2020

Cumin powder is called jeera powder in Hindi. It is made from dry and roasted cumin seeds, which are ground. Cumin powder can be added to drinks or dishes.

It’s one of the reasons why we love cumin - it goes well with a lot of food and drinks and is readily available in Indian grocery online. Also, we love it because it has health benefits, too.

Health Benefits of Cumin Powder

Indian grocery stores online offer cumin powder on their digital shelves because a lot of people also buy it because it’s rich in Vitamin E. It contains anti-aging properties. It’s beneficial for the digestive tract. Specifically, it has antiseptic and diuretic components that help digestion.

As an aromatic herb, cumin can be used as a supplement for the treatment of mild digestive disorders. Aside from this, because of its aroma, it can also aid in bronco pulmonary ailments such as coughs.

How to Make Your Own Cumin Powder

The steps are simple. However, you have to find a store or online Indian supermarket that sells fresh seeds. After that, follow these steps:

Make sure to place the grain on a pan and let it sit for 15 - 20 minutes.
Heat your pan to low heat. Add the seeds on the pan and maintain the low temperature to avoid burning the seeds.
Stir the seeds continuously until it is roasted brown.
Let the roasted seeds that you brought from an Indian grocery online cool down.
Once the seeds are fresh, you can now grind it.
Store the cumin powder in an airtight container. Choose a dry place to store it.

Where to Use Cumin Powder?

As we’ve said above, there are a lot of drinks and dishes where you can use cumin powder. Here are some of our favorites:

Iced Jal-Jeera

This is one of the best drinks for summer as it’s a zesty summer Indian drink that’s filled with flavors.

Add all the ingredients in a cup of filtered water, which include ½ cup each of mint leaves, Himalayan pink set, and cilantro. Add one teaspoon of each, including ginger powder, fine black salt, black peppercorns, jaggery, and fennel seeds. Lastly, add two teaspoons of cumin powder.

Mix all the ingredients in the blender until it becomes pasty. Once the mixtures set, add the pasta in 3 cups of water then mix properly. Add ice cubes, and a few mints leaves as garnish.

Bhindi Masala

The dish is also known as spiced okra, is another dish where you can use cumin powder. To start, gather all the ingredients:

1 lb okra
1 red onion, chopped
1 tbsp ghee
1 tsp each of cumin seeds, brown mustard seed, turmeric, and ajwain
½ each of amchoor powder, garam masala, and Himalayan pink salt
¼ tsp of cayenne

First, heat the ghee in a large skillet, then add the spices in the ghee and cook it. After 60 seconds, add onions and saute until it is translucent.

Add turmeric and Himalayan salt then add the okra. Stir and wait until the okra cooks, meaning it’s not sticking in the pan and is already dry and tender.

Add the cayenne, garam masala, and amchoor.

You can serve this with your drink and pair it with naan or roti.

There are still a lot of recipes and drinks where you can use cumin powder and seeds. The only thing you need is to search for the right recipe that can satisfy your cravings and cook it.

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